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Javere Shaw

At The Hands of Eden, we are dedicated to providing our clients with an exquisite massage experience that is tailored to their exact needs. Our team of traveling massage therapists has been established since 2018 and we are committed to saving you time while delivering the relaxation and healing that you deserve.

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All About Me

A Jamaican Massage Therapist in Southern Maine that offers at home massages to fully ensure true relaxation by practicing body work in your own home. Offering a range of massage techniques from Swedish to Deep Tissue and utilizing other stress relieving techniques will leave you in a Zen-like state and weightless with no concern for the outside world besides the peace of your own home. Your body and mind are able to stay fully relaxed allowing you to completely take in the healing. Book a massage with us today to start your journey to consistent relief.


People live not in the body, but in their minds. Massage helps them put everything in its place





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