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1 Pound

loaded up with Banana terps compliments of the legendary breeder Orgnkid’s Banana OG, using the Banana Mac as the mother of this Banana Oreoz, it is a collab with Capulator, so the mother has pure Mac1 in the line. Banana Oreoz is properly strong with a fresh-feeling invigorating stone that comes on quickly and tends to lean more towards the cerebral side, ensuring completing your tasks is no issue. Her flavour stands out, so if you like banana terps, then the Banana Oreoz is bound to be a staple. Banana Mac grows with ease & rapidly, not requiring much feeding, and by week eight, you truly have a sight to behold. Banana Oreoz packs an impressive smell and flavour, providing a fantastic aroma and flavour that tastes just like a banana smoothie

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